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Chadd Reddig Moving Auction

Chadd Reddig Moving Auction October 10th at 10 am, North of Wolf Point Directions: From Wolf Point West on hwy 2 for 1 mile, turn North on hwy 250 (Lustre hwy) for 26 miles then east for 2 miles, watch for signs [gallery ids="3701,3702,3703,3704,3705,3706,3707,3708,3709,3710,3711,3712,3713,3714,3715,3716,3717,3718,3719,3720,3721,3722,3723,3724,3725,3726,3727,3728,3729,3730,3731,3732,3733,3734,3735,3736,3737,3738,3739,3740,3741,3742,3743,3744,3745,3746,3747,3748,3749,3750"] Vehicles & Equipment 1947 Ford Coupe 1970 Ford F-100, 390 motor,…
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Dave Tollefson Auction

Dave Tollefson Auction Saturday October 17th at 10 am, Oswego Mt Directions: Turn south at Horseshoe Bar off of Hwy 2 at Oswego, south for a ½ mile then east for ¼ watch for signs [gallery ids="3759,3760,3761,3762,3763,3764,3765,3766,3767,3768,3769,3770,3771,3772,3773,3774,3775,3776,3778,3779,3780,3781,3782,3783,3784,3785,3786,3787,3788,3789,3790,3791,3792,3793,3794,3795"] Rocking 7T cattle brand, RR on cattle, RT on horses JD 4455 w/265 loader, grapple, Pto, 3pt, powershift,…
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